Sources of information on the Loveluck Family Tree

The information on this web site builds heavily on the work of Janet Hearle, with help from Elizabeth Rushen and Dr. John Thomas. I have two versions of this data: a version which I obtained from my Aunts, Rose and Gwen; and a slightly different version, which I obtained from John E. Loveluck. This appeared to be more recent, and I used this data in case of conflict. However, the version obtained from my Aunts was in some cases more detailed.

I have also obtained information from a large number of people, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all. These include:

In the above list I have certainly forgotten some of those who contributed information, and I hope they'll accept my apologies. I do attempt to acknowledge new material I receive, both in the Kiwitrees database itself, and on the What's New page.

Finally, I have also benefited from a number of publicly available on-line sources, including: