The Voyage of James Courtis Loveluck on the SS Ingoldsby

Chronology of Events on the Outward Journey

Saturday 7 Mar 1885 10:30 Left Cardiff
14:30 Passed Ilfracombe
16:00 Passed Lundy Island
16:30 Passed Hartland Point
Tuesday 10 Mar 1885 8:00 Passed SS Bowensfield
9:30 Doing 8 knots along the Spanish coast
pm Passed a mail steamer of the Anchor line
Wednesday 11 Mar 1885 11:00 Between the mainland and Berlenga Island, having just passed Farilhoe Island
11:30 Signaled to shore
12:00 Set the log while passing Carvoeiro
12:17 Passed the steamship Tredejan of Cardiff. Mate is Mr Fraser's father
16:30 Passing Cape Roca (Rock of Lisbon) westernmost point of Portugal
16:40 Passed Cape Rarzo
Thursday 12 Mar 1885 6:15 Passed Cape Vincent
am Land in sight all morning
13-30 Land disappeared from sight
pm Large mail boat passed by
Friday 13 Mar 1885 4-40 Could just see the rock of Gibraltar in the distance, also a light on the other (African) side of the strait
17:00 Passed Cape Sacratif at about 20 miles distance
Sunday 15 Mar 1885 Sailing in sight of the African coast
Monday 16 Mar 1885 15:00 Came in sight of the African land
Tuesday 17 Mar 1885 8:00 Passed the Canis Island or Dog Rocks
12:00 Passed Zembra Island
14:00 Passed Cape Bon
Wednesday 18 Mar 1885 Steaming along the coast of Sicily
19:30 Passed Cape Passero, Sicily
Saturday 21 Mar 1885 Sailing through the Grecian Archipelago
11:30 Passing through the channel between the islands of St Georgio and Thermia
13:30 Passing through the Zea channel between Kea Island & Makronissos
18:00 Passing through the straits of Doro (Kafirevs Str)
Sunday 22 Mar 1885 am Gulf of Smyrna
12:00 Passed the Rabbit Islands
Got to the fort at the mouth of the Dardanelles
16:30 Arrived at Chanak
Monday 23 Mar 1885 5:30 Dense fog (sea of Marmara)
am Arrived at Constantinople (Istanbul)
Friday 27 Mar 1885 Abt 18:00 Left Constantinople
Sunday 29 Mar 1885 13:15 Passed Odessa
17:00 Arrived at Ochakov
18:30 Left Ochakov
Monday 30 Mar 1885 1:00 Arrived at Nikolayev (Nicholieff)
Friday 3 Apr 5:00 Left Nikolayev