Kingsclere (Hants) Line

Francis Lovelock1792

Francis Lovelock
Given names

MarriageAnne PayneView this family
May 8, 1743
Birth of a son
James Lovelock
April 11, 1744
Source: margin note
Christening of a sonJames Lovelock
April 21, 1744
Source: fiche PR4/5
Birth of a son
Francis Lovelock
April 11, 1745
Source: margin note
Christening of a sonFrancis Lovelock
April 20, 1745
Source: fiche PR4/5
Birth of a son
Giles Lovelock
October 6, 1750
Source: margin note
Christening of a sonGiles Lovelock
November 4, 1750
Source: fiche PR4/6
Birth of a son
Richard Lovelock
November 10, 1752
Source: margin note
Christening of a sonRichard Lovelock
November 19, 1752
Source: fiche PR4/6
Birth of a daughter
Amy Lovelock
July 1763
Christening of a daughterAmy Lovelock
July 24, 1763
Source: fiche PR 4/7
Birth of a son
Thomas Lovelock
about January 1766
Christening of a sonThomas Lovelock
January 26, 1766
Death of a sonThomas Lovelock
Citation details: descendant chart provided via email 14 Jul 05
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Includes data provided by Dee Allhands (?)
Marriage of a childGiles LovelockElizabeth ChandlerView this family
December 14, 1772
Shared note: Witnesses: Francis Lovelock & John Fulker
Marriage of a childFrancis LovelockAnn WebbView this family
February 24, 1781
Marriage of a childThomas PhilpotAmy LovelockView this family
January 5, 1791
Death January 1792
Burial January 18, 1792
Source: fiche PR 6/3
Family with Anne Payne - View this family
Marriage: May 8, 1743St. Mary, Kingsclere, Hampshire, England
11 months
1 year
6 years
2 years
11 years
3 years
Thomas Lovelock
Birth: about January 1766 43Kingsclere, Hampshire, England
Death: 1767Kingsclere, Hampshire, England

Marriagefiche PR 4/14
Burialfiche PR 6/3
SourceJohn Lewis gedcom file
Shared note

HBI lists two burials for a Francis Lovelock, 18 Jan 1792 and 20 Dec 1796

Baptisms 1744 Apr 21 (born 11 Apr 1744) James son of Francis Lovelock and Anne 1745 Apr 20 (born 11 Apr 1745) Francis son of Francis Lovelock and Anne 1750 Nov 4 (born 6 Oct 1750) Giles son of Francis Lovelock and Anne 1752 Nov 19 (born 10 Nov 1752) Richard son of Francis Lovelock and Ann 1763 Jul 24 Amy daughter of Francis Lovelock and Ann 1766 Jan 26 Thomas son of Francis Lovelock and Ann

James Lovelock (Lovelack K'cler North Oakley will 17408074 Thomas Lovelock lab. Tadley will 1843A074

There does not appear to be a baptism entry at Kingsclere for Francis. One suggestion that has been put forward, by John Lewis, is that he is the Francis who was baptised on 8 July 1711 at Thatcham, Berkshire. Whilst this is a possibility there is no independent evidence to support it.

If they are the same man it is notable that he did not marry until the ripe old age, especially for the time, of 32. Expecting him to marry at the age of, say, 22 - 24 would mean a birth at Kingsclere during the period when the only Lovelocks being baptised were the children of Robert and Maria, and there is no obvious 'slot' in what we know for sure of that pattern of births into which he would fit.

The known lineage of Francis from Thatcham can be found at: