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Walter Frederick Lovelock + Mary Ann Moore

6 children
Elizabeth Mary Lovelock
Birth: February 18, 1903 38 29Leyton, Essex, England
Death: between January 1986 and March 1986St Stephen's Hospital, Fulham, Middlesex, England
Helen Kate Lovelock
Birth: June 21, 1910 45 3612 Ulverscroft Road, East Dulwich, London, England
Death: August 21, 191126 Chesterfield Grove, East Dulwich, London, England
Harold Martin Stables
Birth: September 18, 1921 56 47Camberwell, London, England
Death: between January 1993 and March 1993Sutton, Surrey, England

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Family group information
Marriage April 2, 1899
Publication: email correspondence Nov 2008
Citation details: Email messages 18 and 20-Nov-08

I have her birth certificate and marriage certificate. I also have her death certificate. I found her in the 1891 Census, working as a servant and in the 1901 census, by then she was married, but by a stroke of luck just happened to be at her parents' house on the day the Census was conducted, so I knew I was on to the right Moore family

Quality of data: primary evidence
Source: Free BMD
Citation details: Marriages Jun 1899 Lovelock, Walter Frederick , Camberwell ref 1d 1486

Marriages Jun 1899 Jacobs Frederick Camberwell 1d 1486 Kerr Bessie Camberwell 1d 1486 Lovelock Walter Frederick Camberwell 1d 1486 Moore Mary Ann Camberwell 1d 1486

Quality of data: primary evidence
Census 1911

Note: 12 Ulverscroft Road, East Dulwich, London, England
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