Amalia Fernández-Velarde Carreras  ‎(I1637)‎
Given Names: Amalia
Surname: Fernández-Velarde Carreras

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Marriage Luis Guillermo Loveluck Fariña -
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Immediate Family  (F159)
Luis Guillermo Loveluck Fariña
1914 - 2004


Shared Note
I am writing from Chile to say hello and to inform you that my mother's name was Amalia Fernández-Velarde CARRERAS ‎(not Carrasco)‎.

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Publication: email correspondence
Citation Details:  email message 12 Feb 07
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Close Relatives
Family with Luis Guillermo Loveluck Fariña
Luis Guillermo Loveluck Fariña ‎(I523)‎
Birth 1914 25
Death 5 September 2004 ‎(Age 90)‎ Monasterio Sta Maria DE Miraflores, Rancagua, Chile