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Louisa married William Fisher (aged 30), son of James, at East Grafton on 30 Oct 1888. Whether that …

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Louisa married William Fisher (aged 30), son of James, at East Grafton on 30 Oct 1888. Whether that James was the one baptised at Burbage in 1820 and thus the brother of the Eliza who married Louisa's uncle George in 1838 in GB, or the one who was the father of the other Eliza who married the same George in 1846 in East Grafton I've never had the opportunity to try to check, but the latter does seem a possibility.

GL added on 7 June 2011:

The 1901 Census shows that William was born in Wexcombe in 1858 or 1859, and from the 1871 Census is thus the son of the James Fisher who married Rosanna Lee in the Hungerford RD in Oct-Dec 1857. James and Rosanna were also born in Wexcombe, in 1836/7 and 1829/30 respectively.

Backtracking further to 1851 James can be identified as the son of James and Hesther Fisher. In 1841 George Lovelock and his first wife Eliza (aged 23) were living in West Grafton apparently with Stephen (aged 59) and Ann (aged 60) Fisher, suggesting that Eliza was their daughter. In the next door household, apparently headed by Thomas Glass (aged 80) were James and Esther Fisher with 6 children, including James aged 5, and Eliza aged 13. The closeness of the families suggests that there is some link between them, however as Stephen and Ann had a son James baptised at Burbage in 1820, James (the husband of Esther) can not be another of their children.

However, that James is the brother of George Lovelock's second wife, so although there is no blood relationship between Louisa Champion and William Fisher they are nonetheless connected in a thoroughly tortuous way!

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30Louisa Champion
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