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Ernest, Ethel and Violet

Ernest Victor BUCKOKE1889

Ernest Victor BUCKOKE
Given names
Ernest Victor
Birth October 9, 1889
Citation details: Hackney RD, ref 1b 543
Quality of data: primary evidence
Religious marriageEthel Kate LOVELOCKView this family
November 15, 1914 (Age 25 years)
Citation details: Hackney RD, ref 1b 908
Quality of data: primary evidence
Birth of a daughter
Violet Ethel BUCKOKE
February 14, 1915 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a daughter
Joan Mildred ('Penny') BUCKOKE
February 29, 1924 (Age 34 years)


Hackney RD, ref 1b 636

Note: The 1939 Register gives the date of birth as 29 Feb 1925, but such a date does not exist!


Public Member Trees at Ancestry.co.uk reveal that Ernest and Kate were listed in the Hackney Electoral Roll of 1926, and that they both died in 1973 in South Africa. There is no supporting evidence for the South Africa deaths.

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