The Lieflock Line, Wootton Rivers and Tangley Trees

William GaleAge: 85 years18461931

William Gale
Given names
Christening March 15, 1846
Christening of a brotherJohn Gale
May 27, 1849 (Age 3 years)
Census 1851 (Age 4 years)

Note: Longparish, Hampshire, England
Birth of a brotherGeorge Gale
between July 1853 and September 1853 (Age 7 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherCharlotte Grace
November 19, 1858 (Age 12 years)
Census 1871 (Age 24 years)

Note: Longparish, Hampshire, England
Death of a maternal grandfatherCharles Lovelock
December 13, 1878 (Age 32 years)
Death of a motherCharlotte Lovelock
between January 1888 and March 1888 (Age 41 years)

Note: Age quoted at death is obviously incorrect - there are no other deaths in the Andover RD that fit.
Death of a fatherWilliam Gale
between October 1895 and December 1895 (Age 49 years)

Death of a sisterCharlotte Eliza Gale
about December 1899 (Age 53 years)
Death between April 1931 and June 1931 (Age 85 years)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: between October 1843 and December 1843
elder sister
3 years
William Gale
Christening: March 15, 1846 32 24Longparish, Hampshire, England
Death: between April 1931 and June 1931
3 years
younger brother
4 years
younger brother
George Gale
Birth: between July 1853 and September 1853 39 31Longparish, Hampshire, England


Longparish, Hampshire, England HO107 1683 F7 P6

Wm Gale;Head;36;Ag Lab;Longparish, Hants Charlotte Gale;Wife;29;Longparish, Hants; Charlotte Gale;Daur;7;;Longparish, Hants Wm Gale;Son;5;;Longparish, Hants John Gale;Son;2;;Longparish, Hants


Longparish, Hampshire, England RG10 1240 F84 P29

Wm Gale;Head;56;Ag Labourer;Longparish, Hants Charlotte Gale;Wife;49;Longparish, Hants; William Gale;Son;25;Ag Labourer;Longparish, Hants John Gale;Son;21;Gardeners Serv;Longparish, Hants