The Lieflock Line, Wootton Rivers and Tangley Trees

John LovelockAge: 9 months18501851

John Lovelock
Given names
Birth between July 1850 and September 1850 30 28
Census 1851 (Age 6 months)

Note: West Aston Court, Longparish, Hampshire, England
Death April 29, 1851 (Age 9 months)
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Marriage: July 5, 1847Whitchurch, Hampshire, England
-5 years
elder brother
4 years
elder sister
Louisa Cox
Birth: between January 1846 and March 1846 25 24Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England
17 months
elder brother
21 months
elder sister
Charlotte Lovelock
Birth: between October 1848 and December 1848 28 26Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England
Death: November 20, 1915
2 years
John Lovelock
Birth: between July 1850 and September 1850 30 28Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England
Death: April 29, 1851Longparish, Hampshire, England
21 months
younger sister
Elizabeth Lovelock
Birth: between January 1852 and March 1852 31 30Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England
Death: between April 1900 and June 1900Dover RD, Dover, Kent, England
3 years
younger sister
Mary Lovelock
Birth: between July 1854 and September 1854 34 32Hurstbourne Priors, Hampshire, England


West Aston Court, Longparish, Hampshire, England HO107 1683 F7 P6/7

Charles Lovelock;Head;55;Ag Lab;Tangly (sic), Hants Charlotte Lovelock;Wife;50;;Tangly Wm (sic) Lovelock;Son;31;;Tangly Hanah (sic) Lovelock;Wife (sic);28;;Hurstbourne Priors Chas (sic) Lovelock;Son (sic);8;;Hurstbourne Priors Lousia (sic) Lovelock;Daur (sic);5;;Hurstbourne Priors, Hants Wm (sic) Lovelock;Son (sic);4;;Hurstbourne Priors Charlotte Lovelock;Daur (sic);2;;Hurstbourne Priors John Lovelock;Son (sic);9mos;;Hurstbourne Priors