The Lieflock Line, Wootton Rivers and Tangley Trees

Elizabeth Pyke1787

Elizabeth Pyke
Given names

MarriageRichard LovelockView this family
September 22, 1729
Birth of a son
Stephen Lovelock
about 1730

Christening of a sonStephen Lovelock
July 5, 1730
Birth of a son
Richard Lovelock
about 1733

Christening of a sonRichard Lovelock
September 26, 1733
Birth of a son
Robert Lovelock
about 1735

Christening of a sonRobert Lovelock
March 12, 1735
Note: Date is Old Style.
Birth of a son
John Lovelock
about 1739

Christening of a sonJohn Lovelock
December 25, 1739
Marriage of a childStephen LovelockMary ElfordView this family
October 22, 1750
Marriage of a childRichard LovelockMary ChiversView this family
October 12, 1755
Marriage of a childRobert LovelockMary WilksView this family
January 7, 1777
Shared note: BVR record had wife's name as Mary Wicks
Burial of a sonJohn Lovelock
December 29, 1779
Death 1787

Burial March 7, 1787
Family with Richard Lovelock - View this family
Marriage: September 22, 1729Easton Royal, Wiltshire, England
15 months
4 years
3 years
5 years


The Easton Royal parish register clearly shows the marriage of Richard Lovflick and Elizabeth Pyke as Sep 22, 1719. However, this would make Richard only 12/13 when he was married. It was legally possible with parents' permission for a boy as young as 14 to marry a girl as young as 12 up until 1929 but Richard was even younger than that. The date of marriage may be incorrect on the register. The Nimrod Marriage Index shows two dates for the marriage: 1719 and 1729. Since the earliest known child of their marriage was not born until 1733, the 1729 date of marriage does seem more likely.

Another record showed different spellings: Richeard Lovflak and Elizebeth.