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William John Lovelock + Edith Eyley

8 children
William John Lovelock
Birth: December 2, 1881 28 30Carrington, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Death: October 3, 1918France

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Marriage between October 1874 and December 1874
Note: There is another possible daughter, Harriet, since there are GRO birth and death records as follows: Births Jan-Mar 1890 Lovelock, Harriet Ann W, Burton RD, ref 6b 392. Deaths Jan-Mar 1890 Lovelock, Harriet Ann W, age 0, Burton RD, ref 6b 303. There apparently being no other Lovelock family in the area it would seem possible that this was a child of William J and Edith, especially as their respective mothers were named Harriet and Ann, and that Edith died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. The GRO Online Index of Births now (2018) confirms Harriet's mother's maiden name as Eyley.
Census 1881
Note: Russell Square, Basford, Nottinghamshire, England
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