Thomas William Spicer Lovelock + Ethel Rebecca Pearce

5 children
Sydney Lovelock
Birth: between April 1905 and June 1905 25 24
Death: between April 1905 and June 1905

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Family group information
Marriage 17 May 1902
Citation details: Copy of marriage cert. sent with email message 12 Mar 2005

No. 476. Thomas William Spicer Loveluck, 22 yrs, bachelor, Compositor, 80 St John's Road, father Frederick James Spicer Loveluck, chimney sweep, and Ethel Rebecca Pearce, age 21 yrs, spinster, St John's Road, father Thomas Pearce, deceased. Witnesses G(?) L(?) Cook and Rebecca Pearce.

Quality of data: primary evidence
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