Richard Odd + Ann Charlotte Boatwright

9 children
Adelaide Odd
Birth: between October 1837 and December 1837 33 29Croydon, Surrey, England
Death: between April 1851 and June 1851
Edward Odd
Birth: between October 1839 and December 1839 35 31Croydon, Surrey, England
Death: between October 1880 and December 1880
Stephen Odd
Birth: between July 1841 and September 1841 37 33Croydon, Surrey, England
Richard Odd
Birth: between October 1843 and December 1843 39 35Croydon, Surrey, England

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Family group information
Marriage 1 June 1828
Census 1871
Citation details: Provided by Graham Lovelock via email 11-Feb-07, "Census Entries Associated with Tangley Tree Additions as at 13 Dec 06"
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Farm Yard Bailiff's Cottage, Croydon, Surrey
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