Stephen Lovelock + Hannah Marden

14 children
Arthur Charles Lovelock
Birth: 8 August 1891 26 26Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death: 3 January 1961The German Hospital, Dalston, London, England
Ethel Lovelock
Birth: about April 1899 34 34Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death: between January 1909 and March 1909
Thomas Lovelock
Birth: 15 September 1900 36 35Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
Death: between January 1902 and March 1902
Ernest Lovelock
Birth: between April 1904 and May 1904 39 39
Death: between July 1904 and September 1904
Ada Lovelock
Birth: between July 1905 and September 1905 40 40
Death: between October 1967 and December 1967

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Family group information
Marriage 10 September 1882
Publication: email messages
Citation details: Fragment and source material provided via email 11-Feb-07
Quality of data: primary evidence
Source: IGI
Citation details: Marriage for Islington - exact parish not given - is in the IGI

1882 Sep 10 Stephen Lovelock (bn 6 Sep 1864 Islington) & Hannah Marden (bn abt 1866 Islington)

Quality of data: primary evidence

Islington RD, ref 1b 658

Shared note: Note: There had previously been a mis-identification of the Stephen Lovelock born 1864 who married a Hannah as the son of the William L born 1820 in Kingston, Surrey (in the "Farnham Tree"). Mick Lovelock was able to identify this particular Stephen (there were 2 born in 1864) as the son of Henry L, born 1835 in Sanderstead, Surrey, and as a consequence both the Tangley Tree and the Farnham Tree have been amended.
Source: Mick Lovelock
Publication: Research findings via Graham Lovelock
Citation details: email message from Graham Lovelock 11-Feb-07
Quality of data: primary evidence
Census 1891
Citation details: Provided by Graham Lovelock via email 11-Feb-07, "Census Entries Associated with Tangley Tree Additions as at 13 Dec 06"
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: 34 Warren St, Clerkenwell
Census 1901

Note: 9 Field Place, Clerkenwell, London, England
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