Ernest James Lovelock + Henrietta Rosina Smith

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Henrietta Rosina Smith
Birth: 1 April 1903Registration District, Fulham, London, England
Death: 15 November 1994Hanwell House Nursing Home, 191 Boston Road, Hanwell, London, England
Family group information
Religious marriage 26 January 1930
Publication: A Tale of Five Brothers - Update July 2005

Hammersmith RD, ref 1a 472a

Shared note: Ern He gave his profession as Tram Conductor and address as 6 Wigginton Avenue Wembley. Henrietta was 26 years old and a waitress in a G.P.O. Canteen. She gave her address as 8 F Block Peabody Estate Fulham Palace Road and her father was Henry Joseph Smith a labourer with the G.P.O. (Notes John Lovelock 2007)
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