Charles Henry W Sheridan + Selina Sarah Weeks

6 children
Henry Charles Weeks Sheridan
Birth: between July 1879 and September 1879 27 22St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Emma Lucy Margaret Sheridan
Birth: 21 August 1882 30 25St Pancras, London, England
Death: between October 1947 and December 1947
James Peter Sheridan
Birth: between January 1884 and March 1884 32 27St Pancras, London, England
Catherine Amelia Sheridan
Birth: between October 1887 and December 1887 35 30St Pancras, London, England

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Family group information
Marriage before September 1879
Note: See Note to Amy Maud Sheridan (I3272) for further details.
Census 1881

Note: 76 Berwick St, St James, Westminster, London, England
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