The Lieflock Line, Wootton Rivers and Tangley Trees

Silas Spicer Lovelock + Ellen Colley

10 children
Thomas Joseph Lovelock
Birth: about 1864 23 24Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Death: between April 1876 and June 1876Pewsey RD, Pewsey, Wiltshire, England
Caroline Ellen Lovelock
Birth: between January 1869 and March 1869 28 29Lye Hill, Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Death: between July 1906 and September 1906Ampthill RD, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England
Emily Elizabeth Lovelock
Birth: between January 1872 and March 1872 31 32Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Death: between October 1895 and December 1895
Rebecca Maud Lovelock
Birth: between January 1878 and March 1878 37 38Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Death: between January 1960 and March 1960

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Family group information
Marriage 28 August 1858
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1858 Aug 28 Silas Spicer Lovelock 20 Father: James & Ellen Colley 18 Father: Shadrach

Quality of data: primary evidence
Census 1861

Note: Ram Alley, Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Census 1871
Note: Burbage:
Census 1881
Note: Lye Hill, Burbage, Wiltshire, England
Census 1891
Note: Hungerford RD
Census 1891
Source: Robert Sterry
Citation details: Provided by email 15 May 05
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: At the 1891 census Silas and Ellen were not present with their children at Kintbury, Berks. It seems…
Census 1901
Note: 1482347 35417057 Kintbury Berkshire BRK Silas Lovelock 60 1841 Retired Farmer Wo…
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