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Thomas Lovelock + Lydia Carter

7 children
Lydia Lovelock
Christening: 1 January 1784 41 45Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Death: between January 1857 and March 1857
John Lovelock
Christening: 2 January 1786 43 47Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Death: between April 1859 and June 1859

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Family group information
Marriage 21 November 1771

1771 Nov 21 Thomas Lovelock, bachelor from Twyford and Lydia Carter, spinster, from Twyford Wit: Sarah Ivemy, Jas Young

Shared note: RL 13/7/07: The repeated baptismal names in the PR extracts for children of Thomas and Lydia suggest a sad sequence of losses; burial dates have been allocated to Thomas bap 1772, John bap 1774, and Lydia bap 1775 on this assumption (see notes to burials concerned for further comments). The fact that all three children were buried within a week of each other possibly indicates they each contracted a similar infection.
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