Oldin Mitchell + Mary Lovelock

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Marriage 20 October 1883
Citation details: Marriages 1754-1895

1883 Oct 20 Aldin MITCHELL, Age: 49 years, Father: William MITCHELL & Mary LOVELOCK Age: 38 years, Father: Richard LOVELOCK (Graham L. has 'Oldin' not 'Aldin' Mitchell and witnesses: Charles Lovelock, Mary Lovelock)

Quality of data: primary evidence
Publication: Vital Records Index - British Isles, CDs, 1998 Repository: Family History Library 35 North West Temple Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA Source: Vital Records Index - British Isles Event Type: Christening Recorded in: Great Bedwin, Wiltshire, England Reference: FHL 1279362 1841-1885
Citation details: FHL Number 1279362

Extract: Vital Records Index - British Isles Marriage event for: Husband: Aldin MITCHELL Age: 49 years Wife: Mary LOVELOCK Age: 38 years Marriage Date: 20 Oct 1883 Recorded in: Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire, England Husband's Father: William MITCHELL Wife's Father: Richard LOVELOCK Source: FHL Number 1279362 Dates: 1754-1895

Quality of data: unreliable evidence

Hungerford RD, ref 2c 503 (groom recorded as Oldin Mitchell)

Census 1891

Note: 296 Harding, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire, England
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