Charles Lovelock + Mary Jane Russ

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Religious marriage 19 July 1877
Citation details: Marriages 1844-1927 (PRs) (Also in LDS Vital Records British Isles 2nd ed. Film 1279359 Dates: 1844 - 1906)

1877 Jul 19 Charles Lovelock, 43, Bachelor, Royal Artillery, Harden Great Bedwyn, Father: Richard Lovelock, Labourer & Mary Jane Russ, 26, Spinster, East Grafton, Father: Henry Russ, Shepherd. By banns. Both signed. Wit: Frederick Gilbert, Emily Gilbert.

Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Charles and Mary Jane were First Cousins.
Census 1881
Note: Wilton Road, Great Bedwin, Wiltshire, England
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