Hungerford - Shalbourne Tree

Alfred Newman + Jane Lovelock

2 children
Alfred George Newman
Birth: October 16, 1882 20 21Bagshot, Berkshire, England
Death: between July 1966 and September 1966
Edith Harriet Newman
Birth: April 9, 1884 21 22Shalbourne, Wiltshire, England
Death: between July 1944 and September 1944

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Family group information
Marriage October 15, 1881
Publication: Marriages 1672-1837, 1842-1889; Banns 1754-1792 Compiled by Robert Sterry
Citation details: 1881 Oct 15 Alfred Newman & Jane Lovelock, Father: Joseph
Quality of data: primary evidence
Shared note: In 1901 Alfred, Jane and their son were at Honey Bottom Farm in Shaw cum Donnington, Berks, but with no other family.
Citation details: email message 8-Aug-06
Quality of data: primary evidence
Census 1891
Citation details: Provided by Graham Lovelock email 8-Aug-06
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Rowbury Cottages, Boxford, Berkshire, England
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