Monxton (Hampshire) Tree

Edgar Albert LOVELOCK + Marguerite Berthe Jeanne JACOT DIT MONTANDON

No children

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Edgar Albert LOVELOCK
Birth: between April 1883 and June 1883 44 36Thruxton, Hampshire, England
Death: between April 1945 and June 1945Winchester RD, Winchester, Hampshire, England

Marguerite Berthe Jeanne JACOT DIT MONTANDON
Birth: about 1884Besancon, France
Death: between October 1968 and December 1968Christchurch RD, Christchurch, Hampshire, England
Family group information
Marriage June 5, 1917
Citation details: Stockbridge RD, ref 2c 227
Quality of data: primary evidence
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by: Graham Lovelock