Shipton Moyne (Glos) and Derbyshire Tree

Thomas Lovelock + Mary Saunders

4 children

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Marriage June 16, 1799
Source: IGI

1799 Jun 16 Thomas Lovelock & Mary Saunders

Note: Also in Boyd's with surname SANDERS. Also in the Pallot Ind
Citation details: email message 20 May 2001
Quality of data: primary evidence
Publication: Descendant tree for Thomas Lovelock & Mary Saunders, marr 16 Jun 1799 at Shipton Moyne, Glos. Provided by Alan Whitaker by email 30 May 2003
Citation details: Provided by Alan Whitaker via email 30 May 2003

Shipton Moyne/Marriages Thomas Lovelock of this Parish, Bachelor, and Mary Saunders, also of this Parish, Spinster, married by Banns 16 June 1799. Signed by marks Witnesses Thos Pincett and Jane May. (This is the only marriage of a Thomas Lovelock found at Shipton Moyne.)

Quality of data: primary evidence
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Publication: Includes information concerning Lovelock graves in Nottingham Road Cemetery, Derby.
Citation details: email message 30 May 2003
Quality of data: primary evidence
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